What is a Coach & Realignment Specialist?

When your car steering begins to pull to the right or left – you take it to your mechanic for realignment because the tires is causing the steering to pull away from the direction you desire to go.  But where do you go when it’s your ‘life‘ that needs realignment?  You join us @timetoliveyourdreams.com!

Image this:  You have a dream & you’re working hard, striving straight toward that dream – then ‘LIFE’  (some painful or difficult challenge from your childhood or adult life) happens around you & knocks you off course –  and sometimes it’s a challenge re-aligning back to that path you were originally on.

Sometimes you lose your way; you lose a part of yourself – you get stuck in this cycle & you simply give up & settle for less.  That’s why we ALL need a yearly realignment check! If we can invest in our vehicles – surely we can invest in our own personal realignment!!  Sign up now for “The Realignment Check” course!    Sign up today.